Scott Castle GDPR and Privacy Notice

With new data protection laws coming into effect from May 25th 2018, please see below the information we provide in relation to GDPR and Privacy Notice

Information that we collect from you

Scott Ford Management LTD (trading as Scott Castle) collects personal data from our clients, tenants, contractors and other organisations in line with the Letting Agency Business. The information you provide will include your name, address, phone numbers and email address and may also include your bank account details and any other information about you through communication such as e-mails, letters or other information you provide during the term of business with Scott Castle. When applying for a property we have a few ways we collect the information initially. This can be done via an online application form via an encrypted service tracked via email address or a manual hand-written form. This data is then transferred into our database which is held on our computer system or within our office in paper format. 

Who is collecting the data.

Our staff within our office have been briefed and trained in GDPR and how to record the data securely via our encrypted server and programme. Staff are responsible to record a justified reason onto the relevant data record when sharing with outside organisations. An example of this is when a contractor is tasked to attend a property then a works order is created outlining their responsibility. Each works order created to contractors has a GDPR expectation written. Below is a copy of this information – 

Scott Ford Management LTD are compliant by using a secure database for all data held.

This data information has been used with permission of the above parties and must not be passed onto a 3rd party without consent of the party. Consent must be in a written format via letter or email.

A tenant or client of Scott Ford Management Ltd agrees to allow their data to be passed to a 3rd party whilst the property is managed or a tenant of Scott Ford Management LTD for business purposes only. 

Anything outside business purpose is not permitted without additional written consent.

Following the completion of the works order, please ensure the data of the tenant / client is removed within a reasonable amount of time to prevent any unauthorised use of the data. By accepting this works order you are following the guidance set out above.

How we hold your data and for how long.

When becoming a tenant or client of Scott Ford Management LTD (trading as Scott Castle) the information we collect is held in a secure internal database protected by a number of firewalls and password protected logins. The data can be accessed remotely via an encrypted server by only managers and directors of the company to enable us to provide a 24/7 coverage of the properties managed by Scott Castle. Scott Castle also hold documents and files in a paper format within our secure office. Our office is protected by an alarm system, double security door, front office shutter and also CCTV which is monitored remotely 24/7. During office hours the public cannot access any data in our office as they are prevented by secure coded front and back doors. When visiting our office, a full CCTV tracks the movement of any visitors and staff.

The data is used throughout the term of any tenancy and is used to set up tenancies, send letters, rent demands, statements, arranging repairs and inspections in order to provide you with a service. When becoming a client or tenant with Scott Castle it is agreed that the data can be used for business purposes only. The data is used by the company to communicate with outside services such as energy supplies, contractors and councils. Data is held for 7 years after the end of any tenancy. Once a tenancy has passed this date then the data is destroyed. Any prospective tenant applicant who fails referencing will be held on our system for 12 months before being destroyed. Scott Castle do not hold a database of prospective tenants who are looking for properties. Instead we market the property at our shop front window, online portals where the interested party can contact us via email or phone. Scott Castle do not advertise directly on our website but instead use a direct link to a property portal we are registered with. Enquiry details are kept for a year before being destroyed. Scott Castle record initial enquires, maintenance requests and messages via google where initial information is held such as names, phone numbers and email address are taken. staff. The information is the destroyed within 1 year. Scott Castle emails and diary system are powered by Google which is password protected and encrypted. Our diary system holds information for 3 years before being auto removed and deleted whilst our email system holds emails for emails throughout the tenancy in the same practice as the above information. Online forms can be sent through our website directly to our staff. The content is then passed the relevant staff member to respond and deal with.  Our internal phone systems do not record any phones calls made or received. If you contact our office via a property portal the call is handled by the property portal company and not Scott Castle. It is noted that calls made via property portals maybe recorded.  


Additional Information


Your information

Scott Castle communicates with outside companies to perform a number of tasks during your tenancy. This includes references, credit checks, deposit insurance, energy providers, local authorities, property owners, estate agents and contractors.  The information will be used to perform their functions and not for any other purpose. Our expectations of Outside companies are to use the information and to destroy the data within their GDPR rules and regulations. Once the data has been sent across, Scott Castle are no longer responsible for the protection of the data as the transfer of data protection has moved. When applying for references we use a secure online encrypted service. This protects your data being edited unlawfully and is fully tracked and audited.

When conducting a credit check we use your personal data for the purpose of assessing your credit score where this is a condition of us entering into a tenancy with Scott Castle.

As a client or tenant of Scott Castle your consent is given for us to share or distribute any of the information you provide us for strictly business purposes and the information given must be proportionate and rationale. A recorded reason is held on our system for data audit and records.

Your Rights

You have the right to access information held about you and the right to request that information be deleted or corrected (as appropriate). You also have the right to request that your information be transferred to another organisation. You can exercise these rights at any time by emailing

Questions, comments, concerns and requests regarding the use of your information are welcomed and should be addressed to

Scott Ford Management LTD are registered with The Information Commissioner’s Office which is the UK’s supervisory authority for privacy and data protection matters - for more information visit concerns.

A copy of our certificate is within our office

This information is currently on display in our office, on our website and has been sent to all clients, tenants and contractors of Scott Castle via email, letter or text.

Our data controller within our company is Ruth Scott.

Scott Ford Management LTD are registered agents with the National Landlords Association (NLA), United Kingdom of Letting Agents (UKALA) and Property Readdress Scheme (PRS)